A personal trainer's goal is to help their clients achieve specific fitness goals effectively, efficiently, and without injury. NO one-size-fits-all programs. The personalized plan is tailored to your goals, needs, and allowances for your current physical condition and medical background.


As a professional trainer, Terry teaches the proper way to perform each exercise movement in your routine. Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury and increases the movement's efficacy. Recovery from injury especially needs the watchful eye of a trained instructor.


Most people know that when you are held accountable to your goals, you are more likely to succeed. Terry offers encouragement, motivation & sense of accountability for your investment in health.


Making the most out of your workout routine increases the likelyhood of meeting your goals. A personal trainer optimizes your time in the gym which keeps you motivated in your exercise programs.


A roadmap created with your fitness level and lifestyle in mind to help get you the results you want. Monitored and guided by Terry to achieve your goals in a safe and encouraging environment.


Boredom breeds failure. Adaptation Training programs are built to create variety in exercise methods and skill levels to avoid hitting a plateau in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Terry Gamble


Terry graduated from NAIT's Personal Trainer Diploma Program in 2015, however his passion of fitness and the desire to train started many years ago. Terry's journey of becoming a personal trainer started with his own experiences of how fitness shaped his outlook on life and gave him confidence to pursue his dreams. These life experiences created his passion to help others achieve their goals through developing healthy lifestyles.

Terry continues to learn new techniques, gain insight into how our bodies react and adapt and applies that continuing knowledge to his clients.

A healthy lifestyle isn't JUST working out in a gym! It includes your diet, a balance between personal and work life and the activities you do OUTSIDE the gym. I hope to provide support and encouragement to my clients so that ALL their goals can be achievable.


1994 the Journey begins...Terry had goals to better himself and knew there were NO quick fixes, now was the time to step up and take action!  He started out reading books on exercise and utilized his apartment gym a couple times a week to incorporate what he was learning. 

Although his progress was slow, he did see an improvement in how he felt about himself giving him the motivation and commitment to keep going forward.  As time went on, Terry recognized the need for a better equipped workout environment and his 1995 New Year's resolution was to join a gym.  Over the next few years, Terry made continual progress fostering his passion for fitness and desire to learn more in order to train more efficiently and effectively.

Along his journey, Terry volunteered with the YMCA as a Fitness Leader guiding clients through exercises and using gym equipment. This volunteer experience encouraged him to seek a higher degree of education to add value to his health goals as well as to current and future clients.

Terry is resolute in his passion and commitment to help himself and others achieve their personal health goals. He continues to self-study vigorously as well as upgrade his education whenever possible.


  • 1998 - Certified Fitness Trainer with the (AFLCA) Alberta Fitness Leadership Certificate Association with a Specialty in Resistance Training.  
  • In 2010, Terry enrolled in NAIT's Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Program.  He completed 21 health, fitness and business-related courses and graduated with an Honours Diploma in 2015. 
  • 2012 - Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist with (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Currently studying to challenge the (CSEP) Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology's Certified Personal Trainer exam to become a Certified Personal Trainer with CSEP.


    • Individualized Service - Clients deserve more than a 'one-size-fits-all' training attitude. Adaptation Training programs are individually tailored to client's needs and goals.
    • Education & Focus - Commitment to client's goals is of the highest priority and continued education is prioritized in order to provide the highest standard of personal fitness training.
    • Right Fit - Mutual respect, a positive training environment and a working relationship that is built on honesty, integrity and trust is an expectation for both trainer and client. The relationship needs to 'feel right' to work!
    • Specialized Service - As a well rounded personal trainer with multiple disciplines, I will make sure my knowledge and experience fits your needs and goals to ensure a positive outcome or refer you to another trainer better suited to your needs.

I am a Personal Fitness Trainer dedicated to serve my clients in the best way possible.  I limit the number of clients I work with so each client receives the highest level of service and focus.